Zojoji and 500 Arhats

We visit the famous Zojoji temple, where there are numerous treasures of enormous wealth. We went to see live the 500 Arhats of the master Kano Kazunobu. They are shown in a small room, they show a selection and every 3 months that selection changes. We had the opportunity to see 71 to 80 of the 500 and enjoy a fantastic environment. As for example the garden of the Jizō, those Buddhist figures who protect unborn babies.


We have visited the Art Museum of the city of Fuchu, it is outside of the 23 districts of Tokyo, maybe it is not as well known as the museums that are in Shibuya, Roppongi, etc, but it is a very special museum, which makes exhibitions with very valuable works by great Japanese authors.
On this occasion we went to see an exhibition called "Perverse Japanese Art: From Zen Painting to Heta-uma". The exhibition was very interesting, but the catalog did not seem very good, especially due to the format, it was very small.

Therefore we say look for catalogs of other exhibitions made previously, since we know that there are very good exhibitions there. And we were lucky we found two very interesting catalogs:

NAGANO - Part.2/2 - Matsumoto City

On our second day in Nagano, we visited the beautiful city of Matsumoto, full of traditional culture and delicious food.

In the morning, taking advantage of being in Matsumoto to go the to the Japan Ukiyo-e Museum, theoretically this museum has the largest collection of Ukiyo-e prints (more than 100.000 copies). The reality is that either permanent exhibition, the facilities and the museum shop are quite poor. The permanent exhibition is only a room, in which we can find engravings especially focused on the prints of kimonos. Among them, we could find principally prints of Kunisada, Eisen and some of Kuniyoshi.
We assume that this museum should be more interesting when they organize some curated exhibition.
As for the museum shop, a small number of not very interesting catalogs, and some postcards and reproductions.

Luckily, we arranged the day by moving to Matsumoto Castle, a true national treasure of Japan, for being one of the four original castles to be.

We also enjoyed it with an envi…

NAGANO- Part 1/2 - Sakura Fubuki

In Tokyo, spring disappears to make way for summer. In Tokyo, Sakura disappears to make way for the green colors of its leaves.
In cooler areas Sakura arrives later, so we have traveled to Nagano to enjoy Sakura a few more days this year.

Sakuras is here...and Kawanabe Kyosai too

Sakura has arrived, spring. And we have taken advantage of the good weather to see a great exhibition, from one of our favorite artists. We have gone to Roppongi, to Suntory Museum of Art, and we have seen "Kawanabe Kyosai: Nothing Escaped His Brush". It has been wonderful to see the originals of paintings that we have seen so many times in our books. It has been incredible to see such a variety of works by this great artist in one place. Luckily, we have obtained some copies of the extensive catalog of this exhibition. You can buy it in our store.

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